Foursquare Badges sind das interne Belohnungssystem von Foursquare. Die meisten Badges kann jeder Foursquare-User irgendwann einmal im Laufe seine 4sq-Karriere verliehen bekommen. Aber es gibt auch lokal und zeitlich eingeschränkte Badges. Verpasst Du die Gelegenheit solch einen zu gewinnen, ist die Chance vorbei.

Hier findet Ihr eine Auflistung aller Badges und weiter Informationen wie Ihr sie bekommen könnt:

Icon Name Badge Message Aktiv? Weitere 


BFF ♫ The only one for me is you, and you for me ♫ 10 checkins togeeetthhherrrr! ♫ Nein Never Activated
Newbie Congrats on your first check-in! Aktiv
Adventurer You’ve checked into 10 different venues! Aktiv
Explorer You’ve checked into 25 different venues! Aktiv
Superstar You’ve checked into 50 different venues! Aktiv
Bender That’s 4+ nights in a row for you! Aktiv
Crunked That’s 4+ stops in one night for you! Aktiv
Local You’ve been at the same place 3x in one week! Aktiv
Super User That’s 30 checkins in a month for you! Aktiv
Player Please! Look at you, checking-in with 3 members of the opposite sex! Player, please! Aktiv
School Night Checking-in after 3am on a school night? Well done! Aktiv
Far Far Away Welcome to the world above 59th Street! Aktiv nur in
New York
Brooklyn 4 Life That’s 25+ checkins in Brooklyn for you! Aktiv nur in
New York
Photogenic You found 3 places with a photobooth! Aktiv
Gossip Girl Spotted: A true foursquare socialite. Chuck Bass would be impressed. xoxo Aktiv
Douchebag Double pop that collar, son! Aktiv
Animal House Off the Wagon appreciates your business. COLLEGE! Aktiv
Socialite Keep this up and you’re going to end up on Valleywag with Julia Allison Aktiv
Far Far Away Well done escaping downtown Austin – though $5 bucks says you’re at Salt Lick :) Ausgelaufen
Panel Nerd Three days at the Convention Center before noon! Your boss would be so proud! Ausgelaufen SxSW 2009
Slut Three different hotels! You’re like the Paris Hilton / Bret Michaels of SX! Ausgelaufen SxSW 2009
Redford Nice job sneaking off to see some films (one of the best parts of SXSWi). Gold Badges unite! Ausgelaufen SxSW 2009
Porky Oink oink, you filthy little BBQ lover! Ausgelaufen SxSW 2009
Trifecta Name-Brand Party Trifecta! You hit 3 of the big 6: Frog / Digg / Facebook / Goog / 32-Bit / The Decider Ausgelaufen SxSW 2009
Entourage Look at you, checking-in with 10 of your friends in tow! You so popular! Ausgelaufen SxSW 2009
PV Bender Three late-nights at the PV House! You working on that Slut badge? Ausgelaufen SxSW 2009
Overshare 10+ checkins in 12 hours! Next up: tweeting that you unlocked this Overshare badge? Aktiv
Survival However-many-days you were at SX, you survived. Well played and see you next year! Ausgelaufen SxSW 2009
Digg Shindigg Welcome to the Digg Party. I bet the… OMG!!! KEVIN ROSE JUST TOUCHED MY SHIRT!!! Ausgelaufen SxSW 2009
Karaoke RV! You found the Karaoke RV! Now go queue up some GnR! “You know where you are? You’re in the jungle baby!” Ausgelaufen SxSW 2009
Party Crasher What else did you expect checking-in with foursquare at the Brightkite party? Anyone down for a dance off? Ausgelaufen SxSW 2009
Thriving Ivory You’ve checked-in at Thriving Ivory’s Fillmore show. Head to the merchandise table and show your TI badge to score some free swag! Ausgelaufen nur
Internetz Week Welcome to internet week! Five new badges for the next five days! What, wait.. no free drinks here? NEXT PARTY! Ausgelaufen Internet Week
New York
Dot Com Baller Look at you in your fancy suit up on that fancy roof! You’re the Young Jeezy of the NY Tech scene! Ausgelaufen Internet Week
New York
Trifecta Name-Brand Party Trifecta! You hit 3 of the big 5: Ignite / Yelp / Digg/ Thrillist / College Humor / Webutante Ball! Ausgelaufen Internet Week
New York
I’m on a Boat ♫ I’m riding a dolphin doing flips and shit / This dolphin’s splashing, getting everybody all wet / But this ain’t Seaworld, this is as real as it gets / I’m on a boat, motherfucker, don’t you ever forget! ♫ Ausgelaufen Internet Week
New York
Webby EA wise microcelebrity once said: ‘I won a Webby’ is the new ‘I have a website.’ You may not have be named King or Queen tonight, but please accept this Webby as a token of just how special we think you are. Ausgelaufen Internet Week
New York
Ziggy’s Wagon Waffles and tacos and dumplings and BBQ and… looks like you’ve found 3 of your city’s legendary food trucks. Enjoy! Aktiv
Don’t Stop Believin’ ♫ Just a small town girl / Living in a lonely world / She took the midnight train going anywhere! ♫ That’s 3 karaoke field trips in a month! Treat yourself by slaying a lil’ Bon Jovi. Aktiv
Gym Rat 10x trips in 30 days? Go reward yourself to the nastiest double cheeseburger you can find (bonus points for cheesy fries and milkshakes). And ps: you look nice today! Aktiv
Mr. Bill Oh nooo! Mr. Bill! (and happy bday from Eris + team foursquare!) Ausgelaufen nur für
Trainspotter Driving around SF is soooo 2008, hence the special shoutout for your 10th BART checkin. Public transportation is the new Prius! Aktiv BART
Boxee Fan You took the L train to Brooklyn to attend a software party! Pretty hardcore. Ausgelaufen (Boxee)
Road Warrior You’re making the world a mappier place one checkin at a time! Aktiv Waze
Intel Insider Intel would like to welcome you to CES! Remember, what happens in Vegas ends up on Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook. Drinks on us! Ausgelaufen CES 2010
Intel – All Ears Shhhhhhhhh! Otellini speaks! Intel + CES 2010 FTW! Ausgelaufen CES 2010
Intel – Work It Thanks for joining Intel at CES! Exercise that Core! Ausgelaufen CES 2010
CES 2010 Congrats! Your checkin to the Las Vegas Convention Center just unlocked the CES Badge. Welcome to the world’s largest and coolest tech show! Ausgelaufen CES 2010
JetSetter Hopping around the world one airport at a time… congrats on your 5th airport checkin and safe travels! Aktiv
16 Candles Treat yourself to another cupcake – that’s 5 birthday shoutouts from you! Aktiv
Zoetrope That brings you to 10 movie theater checkins! Now, can you pick us up a large popcorn while you’re up? Aktiv
Pizzaiolo This badge is reserved only for the true pizza connoisseur: slices from 20 different pizza places. Well done! Aktiv
Jobs 3 Apple Store checkins! Show this badge to the hipster at the Genius Bar to redeem your new Apple Hoverboard! (… or not) Aktiv
Warhol That sure is a nice collection of art gallery checkins (10 different galleries!) Aktiv
Babysitter Forget those “Bender” and “Crunked” badges – you’ve conquered the playground circuit! (10 checkins!) Aktiv
Swarm 50+ people are also checked-in here – it’s a foursquare flashmob! Aktiv
Super Mayor A special shoutout for holding down 10 mayorships at once! Aktiv
I’m on a boat! ♫ This ain’t Seaworld, this is as real as it gets / I’m on a boat, MF’er, don’t you ever forget! ♫ Aktiv
Yard Bird Congrats on mastering Harvard Yard on Foursquare! You’re looking (and acting) smarter all the time. Aktiv Harvard
Metro Thanks for Waking up with the Metro! You’ve checked in near Metro pickup locations on 3 different mornings! Aktiv Metro News
Journal Métro Merci d’être matinal avec Métro! Félicitations! Vous avez déverrouillé le badge Métro. Aktiv Metro News
Bravo Newbie Congratulations! You’ve taken your first step into the BRAVO world. (It’s not as scary as it sounds!) Aktiv Bravo
Real Housewife Way to drink, eat, shop, and spa like a Real Housewife! Aktiv Bravo
Top Chef You wear the term “foodie” as a badge of honor, and now have BRAVO’s Top Chef Badge to prove it. Aktiv Bravo
Hair Aware For trimming your tresses and loving your locks like a true follicle wiz, you’ve received BRAVO’s Shear Genius Badge. Aktiv Bravo
Fashionista You’ve found the key to BRAVO’s Launch My Line insignia. Now, go find us some sales! Aktiv Bravo
Lookin’ for Love You know all the hottest singles spots and can now proudly wear BRAVO’s Millionaire Matchmaker Badge of Love. Aktiv Bravo
Foodie You eat the best from hot dogs to haute cuisine. That’s 5 checkins at Zagat Rated spots! Aktiv Zagat
Transit Champion Holy moly transit champ, You sure know how to get around Metro Vancouver! Thanks for going green and riding with TransLink! Aktiv TransLink
On Location Get ready for your close up! You’ve just earned the On Location badge by visiting five of Chicago’s iconic movie locations. Aktiv Explore Chicago
Celery Salt Hold the ketchup & drag it through the garden! You’ve earned the Celery Salt badge for visiting 5 places that serve Chicago-style hot dogs! Aktiv Explore Chicago
Chicago Blues Sweet Home Chicago! You’ve earned a Chicago Blues badge by visiting 5 stops on the History of Chicago Blues Tour ( Aktiv Explore Chicago
Valentine’s Day Ooh la la! This is your 2nd checkin at a great date spot for Valentine’s Day. How romantic! Next up: bring your date to see “Valentine’s Day”, in theaters February 12th! Ausgelaufen Warner Bros.
NY Times Olympian You’ve just checked into a venue recommended by The New York Times during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Go for the gold! Ausgelaufen New York Times
Fashion Victim Wow! You crossed the line! Your passion for fashion knows no boundaries! Four of you will be given tickets to the MbMJ show in NYC on Tues Feb 16 (we’ll notify you by email!) – Love, Marc Ausgelaufen Marc Jacobs – Fashion Week 2010
Show Hopper 5 checkins with Lucky and still going strong – you’re a NYFW machine! Ausgelaufen Lucky Magazine – Fashion Week 2010
Nightlife You stopped by 4 UrbanDaddy-approved spots, unlocked the HBO How To Make It/UD Nightlife Badge, Time to celebrate! Ausgelaufen HBO
Tastemaker You just unlocked Eater and Racked’s HBO How to Make It Tastemaker badge! That’s 3 or more check-ins from Eater or Racked approved venues. Ausgelaufen HBO
Cityscape You’ve just unlocked the Flavorpill and HBO’s How to Make It Culture badge, after scoping out the best cultural venues in the city. Movin’ on up… Ausgelaufen HBO
Cocktails You’ve hit 3 BlackBook and HBO’s How To Make It-approved hotspots — no velvet rope can stop you. Ausgelaufen HBO
Shorty Welcome to the Shorty Awards!! Extra credit if you noticed this special edition “you unlocked a badge!” text is exactly 140 characters long. Ausgelaufen Shorty Awards
Early Adopter Happy birthday to your foursquare account! (We launched at SXSW 2009 and you were here for it!) Ausgelaufen SXSW 2010
Austin Explorer That’s five checkins at five places you’ve never been to! Well done, Austin Explorer! Ausgelaufen SXSW 2010
Panel Nerd That’s 5 Convention Center checkins for you… you’re really getting your $500 bucks worth! Ausgelaufen SXSW 2010
TarantiNein Nice job sneaking off to see some films (the best kept secret of SXSWi!) Visit the IFC Crossroads House (7th & Brazos) for free stuff and to see the best of SXSW live in-studio. Ausgelaufen SXSW 2010
Groupie The Backstreet Boys of tech! The Menudo of the interne…. OMG! @NAVEEN JUST TOUCHED MY SHIRT!
(Hint: 73,83,76,7,9)
Aktiv SXSW 2010
Super Swarm Know what you call a 50 person swarm at SXSW? The Hilton Lobby. So we upped the ante to 250 and you still nailed it. Well played! Aktiv SXSW 2010
Swimmies You found a pool? NERD SPRING BREAK! Bonus points if you’re on a roof. Extra bonus points if you snuck in! Aktiv SXSW 2010
Fixin’ Wagon Tacos, cupcakes, burgers, po-boy’s… whatever your vice, congrats on finding some of Austin’s finest meals on wheels Ausgelaufen SXSW 2010
Hangover Late to bed and early(ish) to rise. Your boss should be proud you made the early morning panels! Ausgelaufen SXSW 2010
Decathlon So many parties, so little time… and you still managed to hit 10 of the brand-name events. Congrats! Ausgelaufen SXSW 2010
Karaoke RV You found the Karaoke RV! Now queue us up some GnR! “You know where you are? You’re in the jungle baby!” Ausgelaufen SXSW 2010
Name Dropper Look at all you, name dropping internet celebs left and right! Checkins calling out 2 different A-list’ers scored you this badge. Ausgelaufen SXSW 2010
Hookup Two different hotels? This is Austin, not the Jersey Shore! (though you made The Situation proud) Ausgelaufen SXSW 2010
Porky Oink oink, you filthy little BBQ lover! Ausgelaufen SXSW 2010
Far Far Away You made it 25 miles away from the convention center! Congrats on escaping downtown Austin. Ausgelaufen SXSW 2010
Survivor However-many-days you were at SX, you survived. Well played and see you next year! Ausgelaufen SXSW 2010
SPINsider You’ve just seen three bands recommended by SPIN’s editors! Ausgelaufen SPIN Magazine – SXSW 2010
Bands on the Run You’ve just seen seven bands in one day! Ausgelaufen SPIN Magazine – SXSW 2010
Animal Collector You’ve just seen the third band with an animal in its name! Ausgelaufen SPIN Magazine – SXSW 2010
Trailblazer You’ve just seen your third show outside of downtown Austin! Ausgelaufen SPIN Magazine – SXSW 2010
Diplomat Full diplomatic immunity! That’s the third day you’ve taken refuge at the SF Embassy. Ausgelaufen SXSW 2010
Global Ignite Week 2010 Thanks for supporting Global Ignite Week! Think it was all the beer that made those five minute talks so interesting? Ausgelaufen Ignite
Keep Austin GOOD Austin’s not just weird, it’s good. Congrats on navigating the SXSW ayhem and finding the GOOD spots. Your mom would be proud! Ausgelaufen GOOD – SxSW 2010
Adobe – Hat Tip Congratulations, you just unlocked the Hat Tip badge! Our hats off to you for making the most of your time in Austin. Respect from Adobe! Ausgelaufen Adobe – SxSW 2010
Barista Congrats – you’ve checked in at 5 different Starbucks! Be sure to pick up a double tall latte for your friend – I’m sure they’d do the same for you. Aktiv Starbucks
Where 2010 Welcome to Where 2.0, a geo-nerd’s playground! Don’t forget to wish Brady Forrest (the conference organizer!) a happy birthday on Wednesday 3/31! Ausgelaufen Where 2010
Last Degree Congrats on making it to the North Pole! Take a deep breath, plant your flag and be sure to get home safe! Unique
Banksy Badge You just unlocked the secret Banksy Fan Badge! Enjoy the film and please exit through the gift shop. Aktiv Banksy Films
4sq Day 2010 Happy foursquare day! (four squared = 4/16, get it?) Here’s a toast to all of you for making foursquare so amazing and to the 50+ 4sq Day parties going on around the world! Ausgelaufen
Super Swarm 50 person foursquare swarms are soooo 2009. We upped it to 250 for the Super Swarm and you still nailed it. Well played! Aktiv
140 Conf 2010 Welcome to the #140Conf – where the Twitterati come to swarm! Ausgelaufen 140 Characters Conference
Elite Shopper Wow! You’re on a spree! You’ve hit 5 of our favorite boutiques and still going strong. Aktiv Lucky Magazine
BK Art Star Congrats, art star! You’ve just discovered a world of art across the river at the Brooklyn Museum! Aktiv Brooklyn Museum: First Saturdays
Time Out – Happy Hour You rock the discount cocktails — that’s 4 check-ins at venues recommended by Time Out New York. Aktiv Time Out New York
Historian Congrats from History Channel on unlocking America one check-in at a time. Thomas Jefferson would be proud. Aktiv History Channel
Bon Appetit – Navigator You’ve discovered the key to Bon Appetit’s Navigator Badge: Eat well. Travel often. There’s something delicious just around the corner. Aktiv Bon Appetit
Time Out -Bar Hunter Whoa! You sure know Chicago bars! That’s 4 check-ins at venues recommended by Time Out Chicago. Aktiv Time Out Chicago
f8 Backstage Pass You’ve hit 3 of the 7 big spots at Facebook’s f8 conference. Congrats on making the rounds! Ausgelaufen Facebook f8 Conference
WSJ Banker That’s three check-ins in the financial district. You’d fit right in with a copy of The Wall Street Journal under your arm. Aktiv WSJ
WSJ Urban Adventurer You really get around! The Wall Street Journal congratulates you on checking into all five boroughs of New York. Aktiv WSJ
WSJ Lunch Box Have a great power lunch! You’ve checked into two restaurants reviewed by The Wall Street Journal’s Lunch Box column. Aktiv WSJ
WordCamp SF 2010 “This one time, at WordCamp?” Welcome to WordCamp San Francisco! Ausgelaufen WordCamp SF 2010
PA Shooflyer Nice job eating your way through PA! Yummm, keystone. Aktiv VisitPA
PA Retail Polka Somebody likes their tax-free shopping in PA. Hey, there’s more where that came from. Aktiv VisitPA
PA 4 Score & 7 Nice job soaking up all that PA history. Look out Alex Trebek. Aktiv VisitPA
Today Show Newbie Thanks for stopping by the Plaza! Hope you can come to the next Toyota Concert Series on TODAY. Aktiv Today Show
Roker That’s 3 checkins before 6 AM! Just like Al Roker – you’re becoming a regular in his “neck of the woods.” Aktiv Today Show
10 for 10 Ausgelaufen Today Show
Big Omaha 2010 Three checkins in the middle of Nebraska! You are *owning* Big Omaha this year! Ausgelaufen Big Omaha 2010
Andy Cohen Here’s What: You’re a man/woman about town, hitting up all the right places to see A-listers and be seen by A-listers. Keep it up and one day you may just be one of those A-listers! And for that we say “Mazel” to you. Aktiv Bravo
Louis Vuitton Insider Congratulations, you’re on your way to become a living Louis Vuitton icon. You really deserve our upcoming surprises and another round of shopping! Aktiv Louis Vuitton
All Right Now Congratulations, you’ve discovered 5 of Stanford University’s most interesting places. BEAT CAL! Aktiv Stanford University
Princeton P-rade Congrats! You just unlocked the Princeton P-rade badge. If your blood isn’t yet orange and black, keep drinking. Ausgelaufen
TLC Summer Your summer is officially underway now that you’ve found a TLC Summer hot spot. Time to soak up the season with sun, fun and your favorite shows! Ausgelaufen TLC
Cupcake ConNeinisseur A true cupcake connoisseur, you know the goods when you see (and taste) them! TLC’s Cake Boss would be proud. Ausgelaufen TLC
BBQ Pitmaster You know that smokin’, tangy flavor can’t be found just anywhere. TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters commend your taste! Ausgelaufen TLC
Celtics – Final 2010 Stand up! You’ve unlocked the Celtics badge for showing your Boston pride. Watch the Celtics take on the Lakers in The Finals 2010 on ABC! “Go Celtics!” Ausgelaufen
Lakers – Final 2010 Stand up! You’ve unlocked the Lakers badge for showing your L.A. pride. Watch the Lakers take on the Celtics in The Finals 2010 on ABC! “Go Lakers!” Ausgelaufen
Club L You’re checking in all over town! Congrats on unlocking the Club L badge, the ladies would be proud. Where to next? Aktiv The Real L Word
Internet Week
Welcome to Internet Week 2010. Show this badge & skip some lines! Monday @ Onion Party, Tues @ #140conf Party, Wed @ Pop Everything and Thr @ Obliterati & SoundCtrl. Ausgelaufen Internet Week
Social Media Guru Three nights of Internet Week parties makes you an official Social Media Guru(, nerd!) The first 24 people to show this badge @ IW HQ (registration desk) on Thu June 10 win a free bottle of wine signed by @garyvee! (You must be 21+) Ausgelaufen Internet Week
Webutante Just saying, but if @naveen doesn’t win Prom King, this whole thing is bunk! Ausgelaufen Internet Week
Webby 2010 Webby 2010: You may not have walked away a winner tonight, but please accept our Webby Badge as a token of just how special we think you are. Ausgelaufen Internet Week
Bonnaro Rock Star Congrats! That’s 10 check ins at Bonnaroo this weekend. You are a Bonnaro Rock Star! Now that you’re in the band be on the look out for a instant win message from us for great Bonnaroo prizes! Ausgelaufen Bonnaro
South Africa Explorer You must have World Cup fever! That’s three checkins from the first World Cup ever held in Africa. Watch CNN and visit for complete coverage. Ausgelaufen CNN
Super Fan Goooooooooal! That’s three checkins from World Cup viewing parties. You truly are a World Cup Super Fan! Now go cheer louder! Watch CNN and visit for complete coverage. Ausgelaufen CNN
Met Lover Oh, I see that you’re a true art connoisseur. You have excellent taste. Aktiv The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Six Flags Funatic You are a true Six Flags Funatic! With this badge you have the chance to win an Unlimited Exit Pass for our 50th Anniversary in 2011! The winner will be announced at the end of the season! Aktiv Six Flags
Bing Home Turf Congrats! You’ve just unlocked the Bing Home Turf badge. Stand up and support your favorite team. Game on! Ausgelaufen Bing
Team Coco Bonnaroo Congratulations! You’ve unlocked The Team Coco Bonnaroo Badge! Enjoy the show, and please consider a shower in the near future. Ausgelaufen Bonnaro
Slightly Off IFC likes your style. 3 check-ins at our Always On, Slightly Off favorites? We think you deserve an eye patch… but a badge will have to do! Aktiv Independent Film Channel
TWTRCON 2010 You Joined the Real-Time Revolution at TWTRCON NY 2010! Be sure to check tips for TWTRCON wifi details, after-parties and lots more! Ausgelaufen TWTRCON 2010
Neinrthside Congratulations on covering so much ground during the Northside Festival! You can hold your head high on the L train. Ausgelaufen Neinrthside Festival
PK / JG 2010 Special congrats to Paul & Janelle, the first “kind-of met through dodgeball, but Neint really” wedding! Show this badge to Teddy Salad for free drinks at Barcade FOR LIFE! Ausgelaufen
Dew Tour Super Fan Congrats! You’re 1 stop away from Dew Athlete Status. Show this badge at the Alli Shop and snag yourself a free pair of shades and make it official! Ausgelaufen Dew Tour
Alli After Dark Looks like somebody LOVES partying with Dew Athletes. 2 Alli After Dark parties in one week – Well Done! Ausgelaufen Dew Tour
Super Duper Swarm That “Super Swarm” badge is for babies! Welcome to the Super Duper Swarm Club – 500 people checked in at once! Aktiv
Epic Swarm Wow! 1,000 foursquare users in the same location?!? According to our math, the world should implode right about now. Aktiv
Dog’s Best Friend Woof! Woof woof 10 checkins @ dog runs woof woof woof 30 days woof woof! Woof! Aktiv
World Cup 2010 Gooooooooooooooooaalllll! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! We hope you’re enjoying World Cup 2010 as much as we are! Ausgelaufen
Comic-Con 2010 Comic-Con 2010: Welcome to Metropolis, errr San Diego. You’ve just scored the Superman badge! Now show this at the WB booth to pick up some free swag, while supplies last. (Hint: stay away from the Kryptonite Cupcakes) Ausgelaufen Comic-Con 2010
VH1 Fanatic VH1 Fanatic: That’s three music venue check-ins for you! Your love of live music has now been confirmed. Now go get to the front of the crowd and make us proud. Aktiv VH1
Mile High Congrats, you’ve just unlocked the Mile High badge! 500 miles per hour @ 30,000 feet and you’re still connected with Gogo. Happy travels! Aktiv Gogo
Bookworm Bender Looks like you’re throwing a late night bender at the library. Ain’t no party like a Pythagorean Theorem party! Aktiv
Quad Squatter That’s your 10th check-in at the Quad. Either you’re majoring in Botany, or you just gave up on class altogether. Aktiv
Smells Like School Spirit Woah! That’s your 5th check-in showing your school pride. You’re a super fan! Now remember to wash off that face paint before you go to bed – huge mistake! Aktiv
Munchies That’s 5 check-ins at campus dining halls. You must be a Grilled Cheese connoisseur. You deserve a TV Show! Aktiv
Campus Explorer You’ve travelled far and wide to explore every corner of campus – all without getting scurvy. Magellan’s got nothing on you! Aktiv
PEOPLE Hot Spot Congrats! You’ve just dipped your fabulously-heeled foot into the ultra-exclusive celebrity world. What’s next – your own reality show? Aktiv PEOPLE Magazine
PEOPLE VIP Wait outside the velvet rope? You? No way! You know where to find the hottest parties — it’s just too bad this badge doesn’t come with bottle service. Aktiv PEOPLE Magazine
2010 VMA Moonman We’re really happy for you, and we’re gonna let you finish, but that check-in just entered you to win a trip for two to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 12th! Good Luck and Rock Out! Ausgelaufen MTV
MTV GYT Thanks for taking part in MTV’s ‘Get Yourself Tested’ campaign. People who @GYTNOW are twice as sexy as those who don’t. Spread the word and encourage your friends to get tested too! Ausgelaufen MTV
Redskins You’re in…you are a part of Redskins Nation. Hail to the Redskins! Hail Victory! Braves on the Warpath! Fight for old D.C.! Aktiv Washington Redskins
Swimmies Hey now! That’s your 5th check-in near the water. Let’s hope this isn’t followed-up by unlocking our “Unlucky Shark Attack” badge. Aktiv
Great Outdoors Welcome to the Great Outdoors! Behold Mother Nature’s true beauty. Now if only she’d throw a double rainbow up in this piece. Aktiv
Just Desserts You’re a foodie that loves savory but it’s time to get your sweet on! Savor your badge BRAVO style. Aktiv Bravo
Oktoberfest You’re a real Pfundskerl! You’ve checked in at three different Oktoberfest locations. Prost to your achievement! Now, we feel you’ve earned a reward….make sure to check the badge unlock email you will receive from foursquare to learn how to redeem an awesome discount on your next Lufthansa flight! Ausgelaufen Lufthansa
Warm Up Congratulations! That’s 3 activities completed with RunKeeper. But don’t stop now… You’re just getting warmed up! Try tracking an upcoming race or some other activities with RunKeeper to earn more badges. Aktiv RunKeeper
5K Hey, remember that time you finished a 5K? Because it JUST happened. Feels good, doesn’t it? Who knows… maybe some day you’ll make it through a marathon! Aktiv RunKeeper
Over Achiever Nice! You’ve tracked 5 different activity types on RunKeeper. You win a free air guitar! Aktiv RunKeeper
Marathon You finished a marathon (that’s twenty-six point two miles, friend), and all you got was this badge. Oh wait… and that INCREDIBLE feeling of accomplishment! Way to go! Aktiv RunKeeper
A-List Don’t look now, but an A-Lister just checked in… and it’s YOU! Doesn’t life feel more glamorous already? Aktiv LogoTV
Shine Seeker Congratulations, you’ve unlocked the Shine Seeker badge! See for info on our Shine Seeker competition… and keep on exploring Queensland, where Australia shines! Aktiv Queensland
Rally to Restore Sanity You’ve joined Jon Stewart to bring America back to reasonableness. You’re probably not the badge-wearing type, but we figured this little electronic one was pretty discreet. Ausgelaufen Rally to Restore Sanity
March to Keep Fear Alive You stood with Stephen Colbert to help beat back the forces of sanity! Wear this badge proudly and remember to always… shh! What’s that? I think there’s someone behind you. Run!!! Ausgelaufen Keep Fear Alive
Spooky Swarm This Monster Mash is now swarming! I’d watch out if I were you… ♫ cause this is Thriller! Thriller Night! And no one’s going to save you from the beast about to strike! ♫ Ausgelaufen
I Voted 2010 ♫…and the home of the brave!♫ Thanks for voting! Now visit Aktiv
Halloween 2010 Happy Halloween from foursquare! Here’s to hoping you came up with a better costume than The Jersey Shore. Ausgelaufen
7-10 Split You’ve shown your loyalty to the lanes, cooking up one hot turkey after the next. Now see if you can crash that 8-year-old’s birthday party. That cake looks good! Aktiv
9 to 5 Looks like someone’s filed 15 TPS reports in 30 days. Ummm… Yeeaahh… we’re gonna need to go ahead and move you downstairs into Storage B. Aktiv
American Red Cross Congratulations! Your blood donation may have just helped to save a life. Aktiv
Art Addict Congrats! Now that you’re an Art Addict go to the membership desk at MoMA to redeem your special offer! Aktiv
Baggage Handler Looks like you’ve had your baggage handled. Happy Holidays and have a safe flight! Aktiv
Better Man You’re crushing things from AskMen’s “Better Man” list. Clearly you’re a Better Man today than you were yesterday. Viva La Evolucion! Aktiv
Bookworm You Nerd! Aktiv
Conan Blimpspotter You’ve spotted The Conan Blimp! A big orange bag of slow moving gas has never looked so pretty. Visit for more Conan! Aktiv
excELLENt fan ♫Have a little fun… today!♫ Look at you, bouncing around town hitting up all of Ellen’s favorite spots! You’re practically BFFs! Aktiv You’ve searched high and low to discover real life comic book locations. Who needs Super Heroes when you’re a Super Fan! Proudly show this badge at Comic Con’s booth to redeem free comics! Aktiv
Healthy Crane You’ve survived a whole month in the Orange Bracket on Health Month! Aktiv
Healthy Fox You’ve survived a whole month in the Green Bracket on Health Month! Aktiv
Healthy Lizard You’ve survived a whole month in the Yellow Bracket on Health Month! Aktiv
Healthy Polar Bear You’ve survived a whole month in the Purple Bracket on Health Month! Aktiv
Holiday Hero Your cape is waving in the wind like a majestic beacon of holiday hope. Congratulations, Holiday Hero, you’re entitled to 20% off qualifying in-store purchases now thru 12/31/10 at The Shack®. Nice. Aktiv
IFC Poor Decisions Looks like someone just bought a one way ticket to Regrets-ville! Don’t worry, we’ve got a show for you. Watch “The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret” Fridays at 10/9c on IFC. Aktiv
MAZDA2 Beat Junkie Please don’t stop the music, you’ve dropped in at the hottest music joints in the city. Keep following your Inner Driver because you could be rocking out in a brand new MAZDA2. Aktiv
MAZDA2 Button Masher Game On as you’ve uncovered the coolest gaming places in the city. Keep following your Inner Driver and you could find yourself behind the controls of a brand new MAZDA2. Aktiv
MAZDA2 Inner Driver Congrats Inner Driver! To be entered to win the Mazda2 send an email to with the subject line, “Mazda2 Foursquare Giveaway – ENTRY”. The body of your email must contain your full name, date of birth, and phone #. Good luck! Aktiv
MAZDA2 Style Guru You’re so fashion forward and have checked-in at the most fabulous spots in the city. Keep following your Inner Driver and you could be driving the subcompact that matches your style. Aktiv
Pee-wee Herman Show Good morning boys and girls! Welcome to the Pee-wee parade! Bring this badge to the Sondheim Theatre box office @ 124 West 43rd and SCREAM REAL LOUD for a surprise from Pee-wee (while supplies last). Aktiv
PEOPLE Sexiest Man Alive Only a tall drink of water like yourself would know the sexiest hot spots. Say, is it hot in here, or is it just you? Meeeeeoooow! Aktiv
Riff Raffer What’s more exciting – unlocking this badge? Or the fact that you’re about to see Ellen? Live! In Person! Hope you brought your dancing shoes! Aktiv
Ski Bum Looks like someone’s been slaying the pow! Say, is it 1988 in here, or did someone just throw a sick Double Daffy!? Aktiv
Sounds So Good From the Beatles to Bieber, you love music just as much as Ellen! Now kick back and enjoy the tunes! Aktiv
Xperia Football Fan Back of the net! Now check out the Sony Ericsson Xperia Football page for tips of where to go and what to see near a whole host of the World’s best football stadiums Aktiv
Xperia Ischgl Great! You just unlocked the Xperia Ischgl Badge from Sony Ericsson. Now head over to SilvrettaSports Testcenter and start carving your name into those mountain sides. Have fun! Aktiv
You’re not in Kansas Anymore There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place… Aktiv
(RED) December 1 is World AIDS Day. We’re striving for an AIDS Free Generation by 2015. Thanks for unlocking the (RED) badge and helping make this possibility a reality! Inaktiv
Where to Eat 2011 From haute sandwich shops to brand new tikki bars, you clearly know Where to Eat in New York. Aktiv nur in New York
CNN Healthy Eater Onions, peppers and pears, oh my! Thanks for supporting your local farmers. Tune in to CNN all this week or visit for more healthy eating tips! Aktiv
7DEVCON10 App Developer You’ve made your rounds at BlackBerry DEVCON 2010 and secured the highly desirable DEVCON10 App Developer badge – Congratulations! Aktiv
NY Comic Con 2010 In brightest day, In blackest night, Green Lantern’s badge is quite the sight. For those who recite this mighty plight, DC’s booth has swag delight! Aktiv